• Weightless My Life as a Fat Man and How I Escaped
A compelling tell-all memoir/motivational diet-book hybrid that provides a candid look at a morbidly obese person's life, showing what it took to get rid of an excess of 250 pounds and keep it off for more than a decade.

“Only Gregg could tell a story that’s this dark with this much humor. He brings hope to the most desperate situations in a refreshing and inspiring way.”
Regina King

“In 2005, after winning NBC’s The Biggest Loser, I thought I had it all figured out. I was thin, had some extra jingle in my pocket, and had met the woman who would later become my wife. I was so confident that I was on the right track with my weight and the struggles I had overcome, I even wrote a book to tell others how they could be just like me. The weight stayed off for a while, but it steadily came back, pound by single pound. As I regained weight, the problem wasn’t that I didn’t know what to do, rather it was the fact that I was so embarrassed and ashamed. Not only did I struggle with feeling like a failure, but also with an unhealthy body image. Guys aren’t supposed to worry about body image, right? Years after being celebrated around the world for my transformation, I was at a pretty low point when I was asked to read Gregg McBride’s book, Weightless. It could not have come at a better time. Gregg’s story demonstrates that regardless of circumstances, we all have the power to change and maintain a healthy weight. He helps us understand that often, it isn’t the weight at all that is holding us back. The thing that holds us back is our own minds. As someone who has struggled mightily with my weight and feeling ‘not good enough,’ I can proudly say that this book has helped me to find my way again. I’m sure it will do the same for you!”
Matt Hoover
Winner, The Biggest Loser (Season 2)

Weightless is a delicious read in every way. In this funny, wise, and emotionally honest book, Gregg McBride offers hope and inspiration to weight-challenged people longing for change and acceptance without sacrificing their true selves.”
Catherine Whitney
Coauthor, Eat Right 4 Your Type

Weightless takes your heart to the gym and gives it a real workout. Gregg McBride’s struggle with weight reminds us how important the emotional connection with food really is. His ability to have you smiling (and crying) through it all speaks volumes about his strength. As someone who reads a lot of weight loss books, I’m a fan.”
Lori Corbin
Food and Fitness Coach, KABC-TV Los Angeles

“Gregg’s journey is refreshing and compelling because he gets to the heart of what it really takes to get rid of excess weight. He deftly addresses the mental and physical work necessary to lose weight and keep it off for good.”
Diane Carbonell
Author, 150 Pounds Gone Forever

“This isn’t your typical before-and-after story. In these exceedingly candid, poignant, and at times downright hilarious pages, Gregg probes the tragic past that fueled his broken relationship with food, and reveals the physical, emotional, and psychological metamorphosis that accompanied his 250-plus-pound weight loss. Tracing his journey up and down the scale, Gregg shares how he finally broke free from the dangerous ‘on-off ’ diet mentality, and how you can, too.”
Johannah Sakimura, MS
Everyday Health Nutrition Blogger

Weightless is an astonishingly honest, hilarious, heartbreaking, and uplifting story of physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation. It is easy to imagine Gregg’s story ending tragically if not for his indomitable spirit, his infectious humor, and his many creative talents. Weightless is an inspiring read, even if you’ve never been a pound overweight.”
Francesca Hogi
Survivor: Redemption Island
Survivor: Caramoan

"After a lifetime of binge eating and morbid obesity, L.A. writer and producer McBride (Just Stop Eating So Much!) began to take responsibility for his own weight, and ceased blaming it on his unhappy childhood. In this funny and candid memoir, McBride reveals without shame the psyche of the fat person who learns to "eat his problems away," beginning as a small child sneaking money out of his Air Force officer father's wallet for afternoon binges of candy. As an army brat, moving around constantly as a child including stints in Singapore and Germany, McBride (along with his younger sister, Lori) became acutely aware of his father's drinking problem, his mother's promiscuity, and the fissures in their marriage. Indeed, his mother enlisted him in her romantic entanglements by making him foil her phone calls, and when he grew embarrassingly fat, passed him off as an adopted son with a health problem. Brazen about lying to other people and stealing money for binge eating ("in the world of junk food, I was safe, warm, and loved"), McBride grew huge, taking on the clown characters in drama productions, learning to surround himself with beautiful people and act "foxy for a fat kid." But the moment of truth had to come, and there were many: when he blossomed to 464 pounds and watched his doctor cry; when a child in the store asked loudly why he had "boobs"; and when the therapist ceased buying his excuses. McBride unrolls an excruciatingly honest tale of becoming thin."

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Weightless My Life as a Fat Man and How I Escaped

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