• Why Can't My Child Stop Eating? A Guide to Helping Your Child Overcome Emotional Overeating
Help for parents that tackles the real causes of childhood obesity and offers practical solutions. The percentage of overweight children between the ages of six and seventeen in the United States has doubled over the past three decades. Why Can’t My Child Stop Eating? offers real-world solutions to the social, emotional, and physical problems of these children and their families.

“Do not pass up Dr. Danowski’s masterful book. She will push you, encourage you, motivate you to seek truth, and help set you and your children free of this insidious illness.”
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"In her new book, Dr. Danowski, who conquered her own obesity, states the obvious: the key to overcoming a child's obesity is the initiation of lifestyle changes at home for every member of the family. The basic suggestions cover the gamut of healthy eating, healthy exercise, less sedentary time, and psychologically balanced thoughts about food itself, with parents always at the helm of every new routine. Danowski suggests that a child's orientation to food will change naturally when parents make changes for themselves first. The author goes so far as to suggest banning food-related celebrations and food rewards for good behavior, which she argues are a logical extension of culturally-supported but emotionally and psychologically unhealthy attitudes about food. The author suggests arts and crafts exercises and other routine changes to family activities designed to strengthen the family unit. The goal: creating and understanding positive emotions without the mention or use of food. The author's own extreme approach to healthy eating when shared takes away from her otherwise practical advice. This book will be of value to parents looking for guidance in addressing childhood obesity as an entire family."

"Obesity in younger children has tripled since 1980, yet only 20 to 40 percent of cases are believed to have genetic causes. Psychologist Danowski, who suffered from obesity as a young person, here shows parents how to help children break unhealthy connections among emotions, eating, and food. She outlines how children today are under greater stress than ever before (e.g., “high academic expectations, overbooked schedules, more rigorous beauty standards, rising divorce rates, and increased crime against children”). Since they also absorb society’s view of eating being a reward, many of today’s children are turning to food for comfort—a trend Danowski posits could have lifelong consequences. Children who associate birthday cake and holiday cooking with mom’s attention are at risk of confusing parental love with food. VERDICT Danowski’s style is basic and gentle. She examines the media culture behind food marketing, the power of parental example, ways to change thinking and eating patterns, and what not to do when helping children learn new approaches to food. There are no nuggets here on dieting or calorie counting, and many will balk at her clinical attitude (she never tasted her own wedding cake). Families who need a new understanding of their relationship with food will find Danowski’s advice supportive.

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Why Can't My Child Stop Eating? A Guide to Helping Your Child Overcome Emotional Overeating

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Why Can't My Child Stop Eating? A Guide to Helping Your Child Overcome Emotional Overeating

Why Can't My Child Stop Eating? A Guide to Helping Your Child Overcome Emotional Overeating

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