• Many Faces, One Voice Secrets from The Anonymous People
Many Faces, One Voice is a must-read companion book to the award-winning film The Anonymous People. The book shares the intimate and inspiring stories of people in recovery from addiction who have exposed their secrets to light and are fighting to erase stigma and discrimination. In exclusive interviews, celebrities, politicians, recovery leaders and advocates tell their personal stories in brutally honest and breathtaking detail, as they confront the paradox of anonymity and reveal the hope and power of recovery. 

“Greg Williams’s powerful documentary, The Anonymous People, helped change the public’s view of the world of people in recovery and those who love them, opening the doors to a new understanding of the usually hidden process of recovering from addiction. The new book, Many Faces, One Voice, takes the messages of that film to the next level, with even more powerful testimony and insight from an incredible group of brave, open souls. A moving, challenging, and revealing portrait of the world of recovery today—and tomorrow.”
Patrick Kennedy
Former Congressman Primary sponsor of the Mental Health Parity and Addictions Equity Act
Founder,The Kennedy Forum

Many Faces, One Voice is a collection of inspirational stories of remarkable people who not only prove that recovery from addiction is possible, but with recovery comes a life people once thought was impossible—one characterized by love, accomplishment, and joy. In America, we often talk about the millions of people suffering the devastating illness of addiction but too often forget that it’s treatable. There are twenty-three million reminders in America: People in recovery who, until recently, stayed hidden because of shame, guilt, and prejudice that accompany this disease. People are tired of hiding in the shadows. The documentary The Anonymous People celebrated the profoundness of recovery.The celebration continues in the moving stories collected in Many Faces, One Voice.
David Sheff
Author of Beautiful Boy and Clean

“Once in a while, a game-changing documentary revolutionizes the way people think about a subject, launching a movement in its wake. Greg Williams’s The Anonymous People did just that, cracking open the world of recovery for thousands of viewers. Many Faces, One Voice takes us deep inside that world once again. Profoundly real and moving, it’s a must-read for anyone interested in the world of recovery from addiction.”
Ann Dowsett Johnston
Author of Drink:The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol

Many Faces, One Voice is a paradigm shifter! Like the film, The Anonymous People, the book changes the conversation from the sensationalized problems of addiction to the real solutions of recovery. It shows how important it is for people in recovery, with their wisdom and strength, to stand up and be public about the transformative and productive lives they live—not just to help others deal with this illness, but to help the world out of some of the other messes it’s gotten itself into! Many Faces, One Voice points to a truly revolutionary idea: a World of Recovery.”
Christopher Kennedy Lawford
Author, Actor, Advocate

“Several years ago I began to advocate for a young woman inmate who was addicted to crack cocaine in her early teens. She would shoplift, get arrested, get released, shoplift, get arrested, and get released. All during those many years there was no treatment available to her. It is clearly obvious, a lot of heartache could have been avoided for her and her young children if there were services in place to address her addiction and stop that all-too-common cycle of human destruction.There must be! Bud Mikhitarian has written an important book. There are lessons described here that are crucial to follow . . . if we want to see ourselves as a civilized country.”
Charles Grodin
CBS News Commentator
Winner of the William Kunstler Award for Racial Justice

"Mikhitarian provides a thoughtful, empathetic look at the disease of substance addiction and the redemption of recovery in this tome, which follows his 2013 documentary on the same subject, The Anonymous People. Director Greg D. Williams and the author—both in recovery themselves—came up with the idea of compiling a book after having to edit one too many compelling stories out of the 88-minute film. In contrast to the traditional first-name-only policy of 12-step programs, many of those interviewed here give full names, including former Miss U.S.A. Tara Conner, former U.S. Congressman Jim Ramstad, and journalist Laurie Dhue. What they all share is a deep commitment to overcoming alcohol or drug dependency, and a fervent desire to help others do the same. The focus is not on scaring readers straight but on giving them a new sense of optimism while reducing the stigma attached to addiction. The book also traces the history of addiction and recovery, including anti-drug and alcohol legislation and the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous. Both the film and book take their names from phrases common to AA. Since anonymity is a central tenet of AA and other 12-step programs, Mikhitarian discusses the paradox of balancing anonymity with advocacy. This book will offer hope to those recovering from substance abuse, as well as to family members and friends striving to understand the disease and help those suffering." 

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Many Faces, One Voice Secrets from The Anonymous People

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Many Faces, One Voice Secrets from The Anonymous People

Many Faces, One Voice Secrets from The Anonymous People

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