• My Life as A Border Collie Freedom from Codependency
In this fun, inviting look at a serious topic, codependence, Johnston shares the life lessons she learned from her observations of the relationship behaviors exhibited by her pet collie, Daisy. A delightful book that offers new and specific information so that readers can understand "What am I doing that is not producing the relationship results I really want?"

“Nancy Johnston’s advice for codependents and those who love them finds a new voice in My Life as a Border Collie. Johnston draws on life with her own border collie, Daisy, to give the reader a whole new way of thinking about codependency, as she taps Daisy’s behaviors to illustrate both the good and the less-optimal sides of loyalty, devotion, service, and other attributes. The range of those behaviors, from successful to exasperating to self-defeating—and back, thank goodness—has never been clearer than in this wise and witty book. Sit! Stay! READ!”
Lisa Tracy
Journalist and Author of Objects of Our Affection: Uncovering My Family’s Past, One Chair, Pistol, and Pickle Fork at a Time

“Using her border collie, Daisy, and the characteristics of border collies as a background, Johnston has found an unprecedented and extremely clever way to teach readers about codependence. Her training as a licensed professional counselor and licensed substance abuse treatment practitioner clearly helps Johnston elucidate this important topic, but what shines through is her personal experience with codependence, her love and tremendous respect for her dog, Daisy, and her intense admiration for this remarkable breed called the border collie.”
Mary R. Burch, PhD
Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D) and Author of The Border Collie: An Owner’s Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet

“My Life as a Border Collie is an informative and entertaining book that examines the syndrome of codependency as expressed in the life and tales of the author’s border collie. To the attentive observer, ‘man’s best friend’ teaches living lessons about the paradoxes of human nature. I will return to this book over and over again as I seek freedom from my learned, self-defeating thinking and behaviors. This book is a highly valuable addition to the personal library of anyone working on recovery from codependency.”
David L. Nelson, MD

“Nancy Johnston has brought a balanced approach to the subject of out- of-balance relationships. She begins with a clinical and academic look, which she then brings to life by using both her own experiences and those of her beloved border collie, Daisy. I love the way the book is formatted, with a near perfect balance of vulnerability and self-disclosure, stories of Nancy’s own life, and her equally charming dog, Daisy in ‘Tales Told’; practical skills in ‘Lessons Learned’; and academic information in ‘The Codependency Story.’ I appreciate her diligent review of what is new in the field and the way she ties it together in such an informative, yet utterly charming manner! Nancy has moved to the forefront in the field of codependence.”
Margaret Cress, LMFT
Cofacilitator of Codependence Camp

“I have read multiple self-help books about codependency through the years. Nancy’s book, however, provided the best visualization for recognizing codependent behavior via her continuum. For the first time I can keep an awareness of whether my behavior reflects ‘you’ve gone too far’ or if I was responding in the ‘this is okay’ end. The continuum has quickly become a supportive self-awareness mind exercise for me. Nancy Johnston presents a refreshing method of recognizing our true feelings in response to various situations in a positive manner.”
Lauren K. Keating, DVM

In My Life as a Border Collie, Nancy Johnston has created an endearing, entertaining, and highly practical prescription for those of us who want to recover our ‘selves.’ The comparison of her thoughts and behaviors to that of her sweet canine companion, Daisy, is truly unique and fascinating. I started the book with interest and couldn’t put it down. I love this book!”
Hope Hennessey Editor and Life Coach

“A clinically relevant and useful book. Nancy Johnston provides a continuum of behaviors from which readers can self-identify as healthy or less healthy. She illustrates the consequences of these behaviors through stories about her own life and through case studies from her practice. She then provides specific actions for self-directed change for any reader motivated to embrace health. I learned quite a bit about border collies too!”
Molly O’Dell, MD

My Life as a Border Collie is a remarkable, energetic, and joyful book... containing many great lessons for all of us whether we are dog owners or not. Its lessons range far beyond her “life as a border collie,” to include how to be in a family, how to approach the world sanely in an insane age, and how to really love. I recommend it highly!”
Katie Letcher Lyle

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My Life as A Border Collie Freedom from Codependency

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My Life as A Border Collie Freedom from Codependency

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