• Finding a Purpose in the Pain A Doctor's Approach to Addiction Recovery and Healing
Finding a Purpose in the Pain charts the course Dr. James Fenley, a Tennessee internist, took as he accompanied his wife on her journey to recovery from addiction. Along the way discovered a path to recovery from his own disease of untreated depression and anxiety so severe that it landed him a stay as a patient in an institution. This led to his discovery that not only did the Twelve Steps hold the key to recovery for addicts like his wife, but that they could be used to treat his own anxiety and depression, which led to his present and fulfilling life's work as an addiction medicine specialist. Dr. Fenley's experience of finding a purpose in his own family's pain is the basis of this insightful and easy-to-read book. 

“With great compassion, James Fenley, MD, speaks to all of us impacted by addiction, whether it is personal or within our profession. Poignantly, he addresses the basic yet profound truths that lead to and define recovery. Wherever you are in your personal or professional journey, this book will speak to you.”
Claudia Black, PhD
Author of It Will Never Happen to Me and The Truth Begins with You

 “Jim Fenley’s description of how he approaches the treatment of addiction as a physician is an uplifting, candid, and revealing story. Jim’s understanding of addiction and recovery through his spouse and patients has been translated into his passion for helping others find their way out of the extraordinary pain of the illness. Jim has the gift of clear and understandable writing, so that this complex illness can be better understood and attacked through the concepts he shares with others. Any professional or nonprofessional with an interest in addiction and its treatment needs to have this book in their home.”
Carlton Erickson, PhD
Distinguished Professor of Pharmacology/Toxicology
Director, Addiction Science Research and Education Center
College of Pharmacy
University of Texas at Austin

 “Dr. Fenley combines his experience as a physician in addiction medicine and his involvement in twelve-step recovery into a fascinating and interesting book. I found the chapter on spirituality to be particularly good with the following line, "My hope is that by accepting that they are powerless over addiction or that they are in such great emotional pain that it is impossible to make good decisions, they will look for a power source outside themselves to help guide them in their recovery." In relationship to treatment, I see spirituality as a key element in the twelve-step model of recovery. This book provides valuable insights, not just for the individual inflicted with the disease of addiction, but also for family members of the suffering addict.
David E. Smith, MD
Founder of Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinics of San Francisco

“It is easy to see how Jim Fenley became the compassionate physician he is. He seems to always have that connection with patients that helps in their healing. Reading how he worked through his shame and anxiety is inspiring. He is truly an inspiration in his practice of addiction medicine, but also in his compassion for the person in need. Jim clearly found his purpose in the pain!”
Michael Fishman, MD
Director of the Young Adult Program
Talbott Recovery
Atlanta, Georgia

“Finding a Purpose in the Pain is an informative and entertaining book exploring the nature of addiction, its treatment, and the recovery process. The book would be an excellent reference for counselors, psychologists, and physicians who work in the treatment of substance use disorders. Many of the insights are not limited to addiction, but are relevant to a wide range of issues, people, and experiences.”
Norman G. Hoffmann, PhD
Adjunct Professor of Psychology
Western Carolina University

“Jim’s love and compassion for the addicted person shines through in this book, and confirms what I have always felt about him. I strongly recommend this book not only for the addict, but also for the family. You won’t be disappointed.”
Pat Fields
Former Administrative Director of the Southeastern Conference on Addictive Disorders

“What an extraordinary story! Dr. Fenley’s sense of warmth toward his patients who struggle with addiction is clearly evident. He has devoted his life’s work to those who are stigmatized and often marginalized. He shares his own journey of recovery with those he treats, and combines science with spirituality. He clarifies the dysfunctional family in a meaningful way that will capture those who know it only too well. His own wellness guides him, and his life’s story is punctuated with humor, pathos, and spiritual growth. This book is unique in its ability to reach professional staff, families of those who struggle, and the person who continues to suffer from such a complex disease. This book should be required reading for all medical students as well as all other clinical disciplines that treat addiction. It offers a sense of purpose and hope to a life in torment.”
Donna M. White, RN, PhD, CS, CADAC
Addiction Specialist
Lemuel Shattuck Hospital

“After reading Finding a Purpose in the Pain, I know clearly there was a reason Dr. Fenley made addiction his vocation. His personal expression of his journey is a beacon to those who come to his doorstep exhausted by pain, fear, loneliness, and loathing. After thirty years in the addiction arena, I have come to believe that to be successful with alcoholics and addicts you have to love what you do. With Dr. Fenley, that love is made abundantly clear as you read his eloquent description of healing and recovery. This is the book I wish I could have written!”
Robert W. Mooney, MD
Medical Director
Willingway Hospital
Statesboro, Georgia

“Jim Fenley takes his personal and family history to portray his journey, which explains why he has always been so committed to helping patients understand the consequences of this disease and how recovery can provide a whole new life for them and their families. I applaud him for sharing his personal and family history, which many people would not even consider doing; but in his doing so, I think his book will help thousands.”
Benjamin H. Underwood, FACHE
CEO/Managing Director
Talbott Recovery
Atlanta, Georgia

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Finding a Purpose in the Pain A Doctor's Approach to Addiction Recovery and Healing

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Finding a Purpose in the Pain A Doctor's Approach to Addiction Recovery and Healing

Finding a Purpose in the Pain A Doctor's Approach to Addiction Recovery and Healing

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