• A Man's Way Through Relationships Learning to Love and Be Loved
Author Dan Griffin’s essential guide presents a holistic approach to strengthening men’s relationships from the perspectives of spouse/primary partner, friend, father, and son. The book focuses on three core areas of relationships: self, others, and Higher Power/God, and offers readers the opportunity to complete exercises pertaining to each area. Griffin provides practical advice and inspiration for men to define their own sense of masculinity and thus heighten their potential for a lifetime of recovery-oriented relationships. 

“Dan Griffin is the authority on addressing men’s issues in recovery. I highly recommend this book to all men who have been socialized in the ‘Man Rules,’ not just those who identify as being in recovery, in addition to recommending its value for us women who love them, and for any professional working with men. Dan’s wisdom, writing style, and enlightened insight into twelve-step recovery blend harmoniously in this book, a major contribution to the field.”
Jamie Marich, PhD, LPCC-S, LICDC-CS
Clinician and Creator of Dancing Mindfulness
Author of Trauma and the Twelve Steps, EMDR Made Simple, and Trauma Made Simple

“Dan Griffin has written a guide—from the heart—about the most challenging and ultimately rewarding task for men in our age: navigating the complex maze of intimate relationships. Written especially for men in recovery, his words and guidelines will be valuable for men of all backgrounds at any life stage.”
David B.Wexler, PhD
Author of When Good Men Behave Badly

“A beautiful book about men and for men, A Man’s Way through Relationships takes the reader through the journey of how the Man Rules, as part of socialization, often combine with trauma in early childhood to impact the ability of men to feel safe and embrace and flourish in relationships. I am a big fan of Dan Griffin and his contributions to treatment and recovery. This book is important to men in general, and specifically to men in recovery. Every man needs to read this!”
Claudia Black, PhD, Addiction and Trauma Specialist
Author of It Will Never Happen to Me and Intimate Treason

“Dan Griffin is a new sort of man, and he has written a new sort of book about men: honest and courageous, yet vulnerable and accessible. His perspective has been so thoroughly imbued with what he has learned about men from his experiences with men in recovery that his work fairly crackles with the immediacy of the men’s lives. Relationships are a central part of these lives, no less—and no more—than they are for women. Dan’s style is alternately authoritative and self-effacing, reflecting what he knows to be the case about male vulnerability: that it is only through this vulnerability, not around it, that men become ‘all that they may be.’”
Roger D. Fallot, PhD
Director of Research and Evaluation Community Connections

“Dan’s insights and experience as they relate to men’s need for love and wholeness through relationships are foundational to a meaningful and complete life. From both an experiential and theoretical perspective, the concepts are made accessible, while his passion for the process makes it compelling. The rawness is balanced with gentleness, while his honesty and courage inspire. Our struggle to overcome the isolation and pain inherent in abiding by the Man Rules is validated and the guidance through the process priceless.”
Steven Millette
Executive Director, CeDAR
University of Colorado Hospital

“A stunning and important piece of work. The Man Rules we all grew up with simply don’t serve us well—not in our relationships and not in our recovery. Dan examines vulnerability in the context of courage, and in so doing lays out a course to help guys like us navigate those relationships in our lives. The edgy beauty of Dan’s work is that in the process of getting to know ourselves better as men, we will ultimately come to know ourselves as better men.”
Bobby Ferguson
Founder and CEO
Jaywalker Lodge

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A Man's Way Through Relationships Learning to Love and Be Loved

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A Man's Way Through Relationships Learning to Love and Be Loved

A Man's Way Through Relationships Learning to Love and Be Loved

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